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Ellen Reynolds

Go Team Dalmation!!! You are the CUTEST xoxo

Philomene Offen

That was a "quick and easy" costume to make????? You look totally adorable! But now, of course, you are simply required to reveal the story of the "Cat in the Hat Debacle of 1974", obviously a trauma of your formative years. (Were you even born in 1974?)


Are you FREAKING kidding!?!?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the owl! Princesses BE DAMNED!

What was everyone else that made you feel so "dalmation"?


and btw - I happen to remember you "turning around" your childhood trauma with THE most ADORABLE bumble bee costumes back in the day. If I remember correctly, you two won not one but several of the costume awards!!!! (I, on the otherhand, spent oodles of $$$ on a cow costume and got "milked" all night....)


i love my peeps! honestly, i was not fishing (phishing?) with this post, but bless you all for saying all the right things. where were you on friday? ho ho.
and chi you have a very generous memory. the bumble bees absolutely did not win any prizes at that party (we wuz robbed!) but you are of course sweet to remember it that way. your milking comment is hilarious - did that really happen? HA!

@my casa

Så söt du var, älskar som sagt var UGGLOR!


ok - halloween is over - time for a new post! Your fans await....


really - it's time now....


holding my breath - turning blue...


I keep hoping and hoping and hoping...

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