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@my casa

Håller mina tummar för att det blir ditt!

Kram Åsa

Ellen Reynolds

I really like the second cabinet/armoire (Nordal). I think it is graceful and lovely.
I also like the way you are ending your posts with a question! I read somewhere that this is a technique of successful bloggers! Maybe you read it too?


I have read this 10 times now - time to entertain me anew! ;-)


I am so excited for the next installment!


Where are you in the blogosphere and otherwise? x.

@my casa

Kom igen Susan, Kom igen...

Vi väntar och längtar!!!! Kramar Åsa


so glad my little cliffhangers are doing the trick. ha. new post will come... soon? susan - i'm at home now. just got back from germany.

thanks for not giving up on me - yet! x


waiting waiting waiting....

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