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I am 100% the opposite in that sense. Since we found our house I am afraid to look on the web to see what's out there. What if I like something else better!?? It's a Done Deal, that's the way I see it. We move in a month! Oh no! xx.

@my casa

Tjabba Susan,
Verkligen söta hus du har hittat, speciellt det gula - super!

Jag tittar heller inte på hus längre, fast i höstas satt vi ju som
klistrade och kollade STORA våningar på Östermalm...
Fråga mej inte varför - just nu förstår jag det inte, men i oktober
är jag nog där igen.



trufully - like your house better than any of these! Like the peaked windows on the yellow house but really, your vicarage beats all of these hands down. In my mind, an affirmation that you did well on your hunt - and got lucky! CanNOT wait to see my room!!!


thanks for commenting guys. there is absolutely a risk in finding something that you might like better than your present place, but i can't help myself and i am pretty smitten with our house at the moment so if anything it just gives me decoration inspiration, you know? :)


I am so so so excited for the next post! ;-)


I will move into the yellow house with you.


Sandy - sounds good to me!

Carmen Monrovia

I love the yellow house! I like how peaceful the place is and how it seems like a very cozy place to live in. Please do update us if you bought that cute little house. The amazing view from the window just wowed me.

Randy Robinson

LOL, I did, before. The blog owner asked me if I was working for a cosmetic surgery company because that wasn't the place, LOL. It was pretty embarrassing. Anyway, the house in the latter pictures looks so rustic and warm. Is that in Sweden too?


Yes, Randy. They're all in Sweden!

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